Dublin Photo Archive

My time in Dublin was hedonic and cosy and full of love. During my visit I saw my new favourite film Call Me By Your NameĀ at the Irish Film Institute. Every aspect from the script, cinematography, location, music and characters had me completely perplexed in awe. The film was directed by Italian writer and director Luca Guadagnino, who captured the essence of love so delicately that you felt as if you were there, apart of their story yourself. Every shot was filled with resonance, intimacy and carried a precious dialogue of purpose and meaning. I’m just obsessed.
Sofia and I spent a lot of time wandering the streets, in and out of parks, gallery’s and camera stores. We saw a graduation ceremony at Trinity College and had an impromptu photoshoot on a rooftop carpark. My favourite place was Mongolian BBQ in Temple Bar which was 6 euros for the best stir fry i’ve ever had. Dublin has a very warm vibe and I felt very homey there, despite being 17,000km away from Australia.



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