Copenhagen Travel

Copenhagen was an alluring wonderland of everything I love and appreciate. The city was filled with stylish, laid-back yet equally sophisticated people who were tall, blonde and smelt really nice. My friend Tyler who I stayed with is studying at Danmarks Medie – Journalisthøjskole, which is an art/media/design college. This meant we spent 5 days shopping and admiring the design and aesthetic of every creation in the city from clothes, to windows, to libraries. I have wanted to travel to Denmark for the longest time and I can’t wait to return and discover more of Scandinavia.

Denmark is very focused on sustainability, fashion wise, food wise and environmentally. If you collect glass bottles and return them to a supermarket you will receive a cash return. There are more bikes than people in Denmark, and the bike paths are incredible, so there is hardly ever a full train or bus, even at rush hour. The city itself was just so charming and quaint and interesting and beautiful. I loved the open windows and the attention to detail on the smallest things such as the advertisements in bus stops. Everything you see is aesthetically pleasing and inspiring.

My favourite places in the city were /
Paper Island (Papirøen): an indoor street food market with every cuisine possible. There was amazing vegan pizza and gourmet hot dogs and the atmosphere was really nice. You can stay here for a drink also.
The Tivoli: it’s the worlds oldest theme park and was so so cute, we went on Halloween so it was fully decked with webs and pumpkins. We went into the Haunted House too which was cool. There were a tonne of rides, restaurants and shops inside and I would for sure go back.
My favourite cafe/bar was called the Living Room. It’s a normal café upstairs but downstairs it’s dark and cosy and is filled with couches and comfortable chairs to chill in. We stayed down there for hours drinking cocktails.

My favourite shops were Kyoto, Acne Archive, & Other Stories, Wood Wood, Devantier Vintage, Madisons and Mads Nørgaard. Strøget street (the main pedestrian street) is also full of many cool shops. There was also a cool bookstore opposite the univeristy called Paludan Café which had books in several languages. If I wasn’t restricted on luggage space I would have bought so many..

I didn’t actually go but apparently the bar called ‘The Jane’ (lol), is one of the best in Copenhagen. And according to Vogue, Chateau Motel is the best place to go dancing.




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