Paris – another era

Paris through the lens of a grieving Australian teen. Saying goodbye to my best friends broke my heart for the very first time. And everyone remembers their first heartbreak. And as I sit here staring at the 75 on my left ankle, I hold on to the anamnesis of every street, bar, café and neighbourhood where I experienced a collection of my most cherished fond moments. Springtime nostalgia will haunt this place like the shadow of my own introspect. August and September was a long road of feeling empty, lonely and melancholic. But October brings new horizons, new memories and new people.

I met Ligia (pictured below) in my local french class. She’s Mexican, 22 years old and a design student. We’ve bonded over our mutual love for Camille Rowe, Alexa Chung and Kenzo, and talk about everything I love to talk about from politics, culture and social justice to photography, clothes, music and our favourite asian food. This weekend we met Jaden Smith together, and ran 2km across the streets of Paris to do so. ❤ I look forward to teaching you how to skate and to learning some more Spanish.




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