I want you to know that education is the most important resource we have to improve the quality and status of humans in our world. Lack of education leads to vulnerability, and in countries such as Iraq or even India, being vulnerable can lead to a very brutal tragedy.

Today I read that a 10 year old girl who was denied an abortion by the Indian Supreme Court just gave birth to her uncles child after being raped on multiple occasions. I then scrolled down to read that every 155 minutes, a child under the age of 16 is raped in India. And that is reported statistics, and we all know that the real numbers would soar much higher. I’m devastated. And Angry. It brought back memories of a documentary I watched last year titled India’s Daughter, which told the story of a gang rape in India’s Capital Dehli, which to this day still haunts my memory. I can’t even begin to imagine the trauma her family had to go through to bring justice to the menace men involved. I also saw today a BBC news story of an Iraqi woman who was raped everyday for 6 months by an ISIS member. And this is obviously just scratching the surface of a very real and very large problem.

Sexual Abuse and Assault in developing countries where women are already so vulnerable has become a worldwide crisis that seems to be worsening. Especially in communities where men can assert there dominance through their culture; for example, in Saudi Arabia. In many middle eastern countries, women cannot use their word against a mans, as it simply does not legally hold the same power. Victims are punished for being victims. Extremism grows alongside inequality, and that’s clear in these situations. Many people recruited to extremist groups simply have no proper education other than religious teachings from perhaps not the best resources. This is obviously incredibly dangerous, as not only does this lead to ignorance, but to a deep misunderstanding of humans and everyones right to live a peaceful life.

I don’t know a lot about life in a situation like this, but I truly believe that educating young people leads to empowered young people, which in turn creates more opportunities, and more harmony. As mentioned on Malala’s website, “Educated girls are less likely to marry young or contract HIV  —  and more likely to have healthy, educated children. Each additional year of school a girl completes cuts both infant mortality and child marriage rates.”

Education obviously also leads to better informed men. And an educated man is statistically less likely to inflict harm on others. If only the world know how much we could accomplish if men and women could work alongside each other, supporting each other and working together to achieve a better world.

Read more on Malala’s website on how to help.


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