This past week has been incredible. And looking back at it, it’s not like I have done anything utterly crazy, I have just been in a really good emotional place and I feel like the universe is responding to this energy (yeah yeah roll your eyes). Good things just keep happening. People I haven’t spoken to in a while have been contacting me with nice messages, my twitter friends have been incredibly nice, my friends have been so so kind.. Not that aren’t already but seriously. I truly have been blessed with the greatest most passionate friends. A photographer I’ve been following for over a year (gkhz) just followed me on instagram and left an incredibly nice comment..and Tyler Joseph sung to me. My life is coming into shape, I’ve made more decisions about what I’m doing next year (hint hint may involve moving to Sydney!?!) – & I really am just stoked. And to my blog readers, thank you for..reading my blog I guess haha. Just wanted to share some pictures I’ve taken (sorry for quality, taken on iPhone) this past week. 
Also, I want to buy an electric guitar, so, if anyone has any advice on this matter let me know..
A club that you have to “know someone who knows someone” to get into. Fancy fancy, I like.

Pia and I bushwalking in our hometown.
My obsession with the word salty continues. Many thanks to Indra for the moral support.
Nothing like a good Ice Tea at the Finders Keeps Markets. Good Vibes all round.
Nirvana took us up to the roof of the Valley Metro to have a daze at the city skyline so we could emotionally prepare for twenty one pilots. Much love. 
And finally, a blurry low quality picture of myself which I look jamming out to Trees just before. Happppppy Days.


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